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REgarding COVID-19

Flu Season Notice

Updated: 09/07/21

It is more likely that students will exhibit flu/cold symptoms during flu season. If you or your child are having symptoms, please remain at home. You can utilize the UJJ Online and Virtual class features If you feel healthy and able to participate. Students or family members who have fevers or other symptoms may be asked to leave the Studio.

In the event of the Staff being unable to conduct classes at the studio UJJ will take this course of action:

  1. UJJ will go back to full virtual classes similar to the Stay at home order and temporary business shut down.

  2. If there aren't any instructors of staff able to conduct classes, sessions will be postponed until further notice.

Cleaning, safety and class Procedures


Updated: 09/07/21


Please be advised that UJJ procedures will be updated in phases and are interdependent with CDC, MN State and UJJ guidelines regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is assumed that you agree with UJJ's policies upon entry of the studio and/or purchase of UJJ Plan. If you are in the category of high risk regarding COVID-19, you are advised to not enter the studio. Please inform UJJ if you have traveled in the past 14 days been in contact with people testing positive for COVID-19 or suspect you may have it.


Refusal to follow UJJ's Policies may result in removal from UJJ's studio.


  • Safety Checks

    • If you exhibit symptoms of illness for feel ill please stay home

    • Please be advised that students and employees may have their temperature checked and will be doing routine sanitization of hands and/or feet upon UJJ's request.


  • Studio Procedures

    • These procedures are put in place for the health and safety of UJJ's students, families and employees.

    • Students should arrive ready for class as changing rooms will not be available to limit close proximity gathering of people

    • Allow UJJ Students and family to pass through the entrance/exit door while observing social distancing

    • The bathroom will be available for use

    • Please leave the bathroom clean and wash your hands well after use

    • Everyone is expected to distance themselves properly from each other while in the studio at all times possible

    • To limit the number of people within the studio, parents should remain outside of the studio unless they are prompted to remain inside.

    • Parents/Guardians observing their child(ren) will wear their masks.

    • *Parents/Guardians and family members within the same household have limited exceptions to UJJ's Social Distancing Protocol ONLY WITHIN THEIR GROUP Examples:

      • They can assist/partner up within the same designated mat space

      • They can sit next to each other when not on the mats

    • Class sizes will be limited due to the necessary use of designated mat spaces

    • Students will be required to register for classes and sign in to regulate class sizes


  • UJJ Social Distancing Protocol

    • Everyone is expected to distance themselves from each other while in and before entering the studio at all times possible

    • The recommended distance is 6 feet apart

    • Reframe from shaking hands, hugging and other forms of contact

    • *See Studio Procedures and Classroom Procedures for exceptions


  • Cleanliness

    • Wash your hands and use a dry, unused paper towel to properly turn off the water and open the door

    • Use hand sanitizer

    • Reframe form touching your face before washing or sanitizing your hands

    • Cover your cough/sneeze (and child's cough/sneeze)

    • Wash your Gi and bathe after class


  • Employee's Responsibilities

    • Sign waiver regarding COVID-19

    • Deep clean the studio twice per week

    • Disinfect high traffic areas before, In between and after classes

    • Maintain and regulate UJJ's policies respectfully

    • Inform UJJ if you become ill


  • Student's Responsibilities

    • Sign waiver regarding COVID-19

    • Book your class in advance using the app or website

    • Follow UJJ's policies

    • Inform UJJ if you become ill


  • Parent's/Guardian's Responsibilities

    • Sign waiver regarding COVID-19 for the student(s)

    • Book class in advanced using the app or website

    • Help your child(ren) follow UJJ's policies

    • Inform UJJ if you or your child(ren) become ill


  • Classroom Procedures

    • The class schedule will reflect time needed for entry, class set up, exiting the studio and cleaning between classes

    • Go to a socially distanced spot in the waiting area if needed (signing into class can be done at this time)

    • Take a socially distanced spot on the mats and be ready with family member (See Studio Procedures for exceptions) or training dummy

    • Maintain social distancing during class (PUP's will require family assistance See Studio Procedures for exceptions) for exceptions

    • Exit the mats and studio maintaining recommended social distancing

    • Please be respectful of the need to clean and set up the next class in between classes

    • *Assigned partners similar to "pods" in youth sports can be used for Junior and Adult classes to limit possibility of cross exposure

Cleaning plan and supporting PDF

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