REgarding COVID-19

Cleaning, safety and class Procedures


Updated: 06/11/20


Please be advised that UJJ procedures will be updated in phases and are interdependent with CDC, MN State and UJJ guidelines regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is assumed that you agree with UJJ's policies upon entry of the studio and/or purchase of UJJ Plan. If you are in the category of high risk regarding COVID-19, you are advised to not enter the studio. Please inform UJJ if you have traveled in the past 14 days been in contact with people testing positive for COVID-19 or suspect you may have it.


Refusal to follow UJJ's Policies may result in removal from UJJ's studio.


  • Safety Checks

    • If you exhibit symptoms of illness for feel ill please stay home

    • Please be advised that students and employees may have their temperature checked and will be doing routine sanitization of hands and/or feet upon UJJ's request.


  • Studio Procedures

    • These procedures are put in place for the health and safety of UJJ's students, families and employees.

    • Students should arrive ready for class as changing rooms will not be available to limit close proximity gathering of people

    • Unless the door is propped open, please allow UJJ to open the entrance/exit door for you and pass through the door while observing social distancing

    • The bathroom will be available however, be aware that an employee will be asked to sanitize it after use

    • Everyone is expected to distance themselves properly from each other while in the studio at all times possible

    • To limit the number of people within the studio, parents should remain outside of the studio unless they are prompted to remain inside.

    • Parents/Guardians observing their child(ren) will wear their masks.

    • Parents/Guardians and family members within the same household have limited exceptions to UJJ's Social Distancing Protocol ONLY WITHIN THEIR GROUP Examples:

      • They can assist/partner up within the same designated mat space

      • They can sit next to each other when not on the mats

    • Students who are performing cardiovascular exercises that involve heavy breathing are not required to wear a mask

    • Class sizes will be limited due to the necessary use of designated mat spaces

    • Students will be required to register for classes and sign in to regulate class sizes


  • UJJ Social Distancing Protocol

    • Everyone is expected to distance themselves from each other while in and before entering the studio at all times possible

    • The recommended distance is 6 feet apart

    • Reframe from shaking hands, hugging and other forms of contact

    • See Studio Procedures for exceptions


  • Cleanliness

    • Wash your hands and use a dry, unused paper towel to properly turn off the water and open the door

    • Use hand sanitizer

    • Reframe form touching your face before washing or sanitizing your hands

    • Cover your cough/sneeze (and child's cough/sneeze)

    • Wash your Gi and bathe after class


  • Employee's Responsibilities

    • Sign waiver regarding COVID-19

    • Deep clean the studio twice per week

    • Disinfect high traffic areas before, In between and after classes

    • Maintain and regulate UJJ's policies respectfully

    • Inform UJJ if you become ill


  • Student's Responsibilities

    • Sign waiver regarding COVID-19

    • Book your class in advance

    • Sign in using the app or website

    • Follow UJJ's policies

    • Inform UJJ if you become ill


  • Parent's/Guardian's Responsibilities

    • Sign waiver regarding COVID-19 for the student(s)

    • Book class in advanced

    • Sign in using the app or website

    • Help your child(ren) follow UJJ's policies

    • Inform UJJ if you or your child(ren) become ill


  • Classroom Procedures

    • The class schedule will reflect time needed for entry, class set up, exiting the studio and cleaning between classes

    • Allow UJJ to open the door and grant access to the studio

    • Go to a socially distanced spot in the waiting area if needed (signing into class can be done at this time)

    • Take a socially distanced spot on the mats and be ready with family member (See Studio Procedures for exceptions) or training dummy

    • Maintain social distancing during class (PUP's will require family assistance See Studio Procedures for exceptions) for exceptions

    • Exit the mats and studio maintaining recommended social distancing

    • Please be respectful of the need to clean and set up the next class in between classes

Cleaning plan and supporting PDF