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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling combat sport that has joint locks and choke holds. It means the “Soft Art” and focuses on using the opponent’s strengths and athleticism against them. The majority of BJJ techniques are performed on the ground. Many studies show that fighting/self-defense situations end up on the ground. Therefore, we find it very important to know how to defend yourself from the ground. Judo means the “Soft Way”. It emphasizes throwing or tripping opponents to the ground with push/pull concepts and timing. Wrestling utilizes control and leverage over the opponent to do throws, take downs as well as how to add pressure when pinning opponents to the ground.

American Taekwondo

Our Kickboxing classes include elements of American Taekwondo. This stand up martial art consists of Korean martial art style stances and strikes as well as other modern techniques. Our students will learn basic striking as well as fun and exciting jumping or spinning techniques. 


Refers to the combination of punching and kicking. We take elements of Boxing and Taekwondo to include various styles of punches, kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes in both practical and advanced methods. The kickboxing program also focuses on foot work, proper blocking, defensive movements and Sparring strategies. 

UJJ's Stance on Self-Defense

We believe that to improve your self-defense capabilities you need to be a complete martial artist. Learning how to strike and grapple as well as improving your awareness is essential to dealing with various self-defense scenarios. Our curricula for our classes covers standing and ground martial arts styles to create a fun and effective self-defense system.


Goal Setting


With our unique curriculum, UJJ students have a clear path that shows them how to earn their stripes necessary to be promoted to their next rank. Students are responsible for learning and becoming proficient at their required techniques. They work together with classmates under the guidance of qualified and professional coaches to understand and apply the techniques. Students can also specialize in specific techniques and keep UJJ practice notes to help them along their Jiu Jitsu journey.




Practicing martial arts will help sharpen the mind. The ability to concentrate is an important skill to have for school, work or any of life's activities. Our coaches encourage our students to improve their technique as well as themselves in a way that is effective and allows the Students to see their progress. The Coaches keep students on track while allowing the Students to apply their focusing skills as they progress through their UJJ belt ranks.   



To take a loss and turn it into a learning opportunity requires control. Having this type of mentality will help to make every situation a more positive one. As UJJ students train with each other, they will experience ups and downs. Growing from these experiences and not letting anger get the best of them makes for a more well-rounded Jiu Jitsu practitioner and person all together. Physical control of the body is gained through practice. This makes training safer in class, in life, and has added benefits towards other sports.  




At United Jiu Jitsu, we are proud to create a culture of respect and helping each other. When practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo or Wrestling (grappling arts), a practice partner is needed to perform most of the techniques. This means that teamwork is a necessary part of what we teach. We strive to be cooperative, assertive with techniques and willing to share knowledge. UJJ students develop an awareness of themselves, others and their surroundings. This keeps training safe, collaborative and fun!



Practicing grappling martial arts will give you a full body workout. UJJ incorporates three types of grappling martial arts that enhance your core strength as well as your arms, legs and grips. You'll gain coordination and awareness while you train. You'll burn calories as you learn self-defense and better yourself. If you're looking for a fun and interactive way to get fit or stay in shape, then UJJ’s great community is right for you.