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please Register as a United Jiu jitsu member

Thank you for your interest in United Jiu Jitsu!

Please use the sign up sheet below to tell us more. If you're looking for our waivers, click here.

How to start

  1. Register for your free class using the sheet below click here

  2. Pick up your free trial valid for one day at UJJ Pricing Plan

  3. Book the class and date you would like to attend here schedule page

  4. Fill out the waiver at the studio or print out by clicking here

  5. After your trial lesson choose a UJJ Plan or Starter Pack

  6. Book the classes that fit your schedule

Tell us what you are interested in

If you are interested in PUP's class, Jiu-Jitsu and/or Kickboxing class, please let us know. You can use the message box to give us more information.


  • PUP's Class is for ages 3 through 6

  • Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class is for ages 7 to 12

  • Teen and Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class is for ages 13 and up

  • Teen and Adult Kickboxing class is for ages 13 and up

UJJ will contact you to schedule your *FREE lesson. If you have more than 2 students to sign up then please use additional sign up sheets by repeating the process.

Tell us how you heard about UJJ

We would like to know.

  • Google search

  • Drove by and saw the sign

  • Referred by someone (and who)

  • Other (please explain)

View or print UJJ Waivers

You can complete and print our Waivers, Consent and Photography release form as well as the Covid-19 Waiver by clicking on the link below.

Place all the participants names on these documents. Bring them to class with you or upload your completed PDF document. There will be blank copies to fill out at United Jiu Jitsu if you prefer to do that instead. Please arrive early to class to complete any paperwork and to be lent any necessary uniforms.


Booking your Classes

Booking your sessions helps UJJ track attendance as well as our Class Pass (punch card system)

Video about signing in and booking classes









What should you Bring?

  • Bring water to drink. We will have water to purchase if needed 

  • Bring sandals/slides for when you need to walk off the mats to help keep the mats (and students) clean 

  • Classes taught on the mats are barefoot. Wearing jewelry and long nails are discourages for safety reasons. 

What can you expect?

After UJJ schedules a trial class date with you, you can expect to have an introductory class experience. Arriving early for introductions, to be fitted for a uniform to borrow (if necessary) and to finish paperwork (if necessary) is recommended.

  • Arrive early before class

  • Try an introductory level lesson (may be at the same time as other levels)

  • Discuss continuing on a UJJ Pricing Plan 

  • Create a website profile on the Wix platform

  • Add the UJJ app hosted by Wix Spaces to your device

  • Use the app or website schedule for class attendance and for communication

  • Book your lessons for each class using the website or app

Payment to UJJ

UJJ Plans can be purchased in the Studio, at UJJ Pricing Plans online, with the app or UJJ can send an invoice to your registered email address. Drop in fees can be paid in the studio, with the app or right from the online schedule page.

Welcome and thank you very much!

* Free lesson offers are for new students only. Uniform not included.

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