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GoFundMe, Yelp and other organizations made a campaign on United Jiu Jitsu's behalf. It has been made in an effort to help small businesses such as UJJ through the covid-19 pandemic. They are offering grants to small businesses that can meet adequate donation amounts. 


I'm asking for your help and support as United Jiu Jitsu accepts the Small Business Relief Initiative's GoFundMe Campaign. Please make a donation to United Jiu Jitsu Covid-19 Relief Fund. By doing so, you will be helping a small business that will encounter unique consequences due to the global pandemic and the nature of its services. Also, you will allow UJJ to continue to benefit the community with self-defense, fitness and a positive social atmosphere.


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We are grateful for any amount donated. We will put it to good use. The donations will be used to cover business operating costs, inventory, supplies, utilities and the business loan payments. Having your help now will give my family and United Jiu Jitsu the chance we need to successfully realize our dream that we have work so hard for: building United Jiu Jitsu to its fullest potential.

Thank you all so very much!

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